Dreamweaver is among the most popular website design tools out there. It's installed on a PC and one of its main advantages is that it'll allow you to build and maintain multiple sites simultaneously with ease. Furthermore, you can make buttons and menus with different functions even when you don't have any previous experience, not mentioning that it includes many templates for various types of websites. You can also set up contact forms which you can add to your sites to ensure that site visitors can contact you. The aforementioned things are executed through WYSIWYG interface, yet more advanced users can also view and modify the raw program code right away. Dreamweaver also features image-editing software instruments, so you'll be able to edit any graphic file in the program without using a third-party software instrument.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Shared Web Hosting
We support websites designed with Dreamweaver, therefore whatever shared web hosting package you'll select, you will be able to work with this application to build and maintain your web presence. You won't even have to employ a third-party FTP client or sign in to the Hepsia hosting Control Panel to upload the content. You will be able to simply include the FTP information for your account in the Dreamweaver settings and the application will connect to our cloud platform and duplicate all the content which you've generated on your laptop or desktop. In addition, you'll be able to edit your site in the same way and without difficulties - the existing files on our servers will be overwritten by the new ones, therefore the updated content that you publish shall go live without delay.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Semi-dedicated Servers
All the semi-dedicated servers that we offer support sites made with Dreamweaver, which means that if you have this web design app already installed on your PC or notebook and you are used to working with it, you'll be able to use it to develop your website. If you type in the FTP login information for your account on our end within the program settings, you're able to publish your website directly on our servers, eliminating the need to use various third-party FTP software or even the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. Updating the website is done in exactly the same way - make the changes on your end, save them, then publish them. By using several FTP accounts with access to several domain folders you may even work with Dreamweaver in order to maintain several different websites at the same time.